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Before & After Gallery

A picture is worth a thousand words; that’s why we’ve created a Before & After Gallery featuring photos of our clients before and after using IZA Extensions. Whether they’re looking for added length or increased thickness, each transformation is unique and tailored to the individual needs of our customers.

At IZA, we believe that our success is inherently tied to the success of the professional stylists we serve. We are more than just a provider of quality hair extensions, we are your steadfast partner. Our support doesn’t end after purchase; it only begins there. We’re committed to providing continuous education, advice, and assistance to ensure that every application of IZA tape extensions exceeds your client’s expectations.

IZA Training Academy

“Make every IZA application a work of art”

We offer training courses on all our methods, available at our Gothenburg academy, at your salon, or online for professional hairdressers. We believe in empowering professional stylists with the knowledge and skills to make every IZA application a work of art.

Our courses are designed to give you in-depth knowledge of all the methods and techniques associated with IZA Extensions, including application, maintenance, removal, aftercare, troubleshooting and more.

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