“Born from Passion, Perfected by Experience”

IZA’s journey started at a Swedish hair salon with a team of very talented hairstylists.

They soonly realized a demand for hair extensions that are exclusively designed for professional hairdressers. This led to the development of IZA’s Extensions.

The IZA Quality Promise

Discover the qualities that distinguish us from the competition. IZA EXTENSIONS is the result of years of dedication and passion from our talented hairstylists and product development team.

100% Virgin Human Hair

We take great care in producing our IZA hair extensions, using only untreated 100% Virgin Human Hair that is carefully selected for its natural appearance and texture.

Our blond shades are sourced from Slavic hair donors. Slavic hair is renowned for its high quality and distinct characteristics. It’s a popular choice for hair extensions due to its soft, thin, shiny, and lightweight nature. This type of hair is an ideal match for women whose natural hair shares a similar texture and style – like nordic hair. 

Our dark shades are sourced from indian hair donors. Indian hair is known for its durability and versatility as it can be manipulated into various hairstyles easily. It’s a popular choice for extensions due to its natural dark color, thickness, and strength. This type of hair is an ideal match for women whose natural hair shares a similar texture and style – like straight or curly thick hair.

Thickness From Root To Tip

You’ll also appreciate the luxurious thickness from root to tip of our double-drawn hair. The hair length options available are 45cm and 60cm, both boasting an impressive full-length ratio of 40%.

Our products ensures a no-shedding experience, with cuticles carefully preserved and guaranteed to be tangle-free.

IZA Nano Tape Tabs Made In The USA

IZA Nano Tape Tabs – Self Adhesive
Ultimate comfort and styling power

12 Strands ◆ 25g/pack ◆ 45/60cm  0,6×2,5cm

Crafted from an exclusive partnership with the globe’s leading producer of hair tape tabs adhesive, we guarantee nothing but the highest caliber of quality and durability for our tape tabs. 

Nano thin adhesive for ultimate comfort
Ultra-thin profile and custom dimension of 0,6cm x 2,5cm integrates the tape tabs seamlessly with the client natural hair. Still providing unremarkable bond strength thanks to our proprietary adhesive blend.

Super strength
Exceptional bonding strength and initial viscosity, our tape tabs ensure a secure and enduring hold. Activated by pressure alone, they don’t require the need for solvents or heat for application – which makes them easy to apply and remove.

Resistant to heat and chemicals
Our Tape Tabs adhesive offers exceptional resistance to heat, environmental conditions, and chemicals. Unlike some other types of adhesives, our adhesives do not yellow over time, maintaining the aesthetics of the application.

Hypoallergenic Properties
Our tape tabs are designed to be hypoallergenic, ensuring they are safe for long-term skin contact. The adhesive used in our Nano Tape Tabs is of high-grade, medical quality, pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA), supplied by a leading manufacturer in Germany. Medical PSAs are specifically formulated to stick to the skin without causing irritation or harm.

International Colour Chart Standard

To top it off, our range of colour options adheres to the internationally recognized colour chart standard (ICC), ensuring that you can rely on obtaining precisely the colours you desire.

Strict Quality Control Measures

With our strict quality control measures, we guarantee that each bundle is sourced from a single donor, ensuring it is free from any synthetics or blends, as well as any coatings or damaged strands.

We take great care in producing our IZA hair extensions, using only untreated 100% Virgin Human Hair that is carefully selected for its natural straight appearance and texture.

IZA Nano Weft Extensions

IZA Nano Weft Extensions
50g/pack – 80cm | 45 cm | 60 cm 

Silicone lined nano rings
Our nano rings are thoughtfully created to be gentle on the client’s natural hair. Each bead is lined with a soft and flexible silicone material. This ensures optimal protection and minimizes any potential damage to the client’s hair. Moreover, the hypoallergenic silicone lining makes it allergy-friendly.

But that’s not all! Our nano rings are designed to be almost invisible, measuring at just 5mm in size. 

Enhanced Grip
The silicone lining ensures a superior hold on the hair, promoting longevity without causing damage. Experience weeks of confidently styled hair with minimal fuss.


IZA's Smart Packaging

Our packaging is made from a unique blend of materials designed to protect our hair extensions from harmful elements. With the power of aluminium, IZA’s Smart Package acts as a strong barrier against dust, light, and bacteria. It’s also moisture-resistant, sealed tightly, and treated with an anti-static treatment to prevent hair from sticking.

Opening and closing the package is easy with the tear notch and convenient zip lock for hassle-free re-storage. Our package is not only robust and durable but also reusable.

But it’s not just about functionality. Our package is here to make a statement with its sleek matte aluminium finish and elegant champagne pink colour, setting itself apart from standard, less-protective hair extension transparent bags.

Hang it on your product wall with the standard Euro hanger hole for an extra touch of beauty.

IZA’s Smart Packaging – Keeping Our Hair Extensions Flawless!

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